Does Surfshark Log History?

Surfshark is a VPN provider that offers a variety of features and services. One of those features is logging history. Surfshark allows users to view and manage their logging history. In this article, we will explore Surfshark’s logging history and whether or not it is secure. First, it is important to understand what Surfshark logs. […]

Does Surfshark Leak DNS?

Surfshark is a popular and well-known VPN provider. It is known for its strong encryption and security features. However, some users have raised concerns about Surfshark leaking DNS traffic. There is evidence that Surfshark is leaking DNS traffic. A study was conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California. The study found that Surfshark […]

Does Surfshark Keep Search History?

Do Surfshark keep search history? Surfshark is a popular search engine that has been in operation since 2004. It is a free service that offers a variety of features, including the ability to keep search history. This means that Surfshark can track your searches over time and provide you with a history of the websites […]

Does Surfshark Keep Any Logs?

When it comes to privacy and logging, Surfshark is one of the more mysterious VPNs on the market. The company does not explicitly state whether or not it keeps any logs, and there is no clear way to find out for sure. However, based on the available information, it seems likely that Surfshark does not […]

Does Surfshark Include Antivirus?

Surfshark is a provider of VPN services with a focus on security. They offer a variety of features to their users, including a malware blocker, ad blocker, and a privacy suite. Some of the features included in their security suite include an anti-virus component. Surfshark does not explicitly state that their anti-virus component includes malware […]

Does Surfshark Hide My IP?

Surfshark is a popular internet security software that claims to protect users from malicious websites and online threats. However, is Surfshark really effective at hiding users’ IP addresses? In this article, we will explore this question and provide our verdict. Surfshark is marketed as a “secure and private” internet security software. It claims to protect […]

Does Surfshark Hide IPv6?

Surfshark is a well-known and popular VPN service that is known for its top-tier security and privacy features. However, does Surfshark hide IPv6? Yes, Surfshark does hide IPv6. In fact, Surfshark is one of the few VPN services that actually offers full IPv6 support. This means that you can safely and securely use IPv6 with […]

Does Surfshark Help Gaming?

Surfshark is a software that is used to help gamers experience smoother gameplay while streaming or playing online games. Surfshark was designed with the gamer in mind, and it is packed with features that can help make your streaming experience more enjoyable. One of the biggest benefits of Surfshark is that it can reduce lag […]

Does Surfshark Have Stealth VPN?

Surfshark is a popular VPN service with a lot of positive reviews. However, some people have raised concerns about Surfshark’s stealthy VPN features. While Surfshark’s stealth features are not perfect, they are not as bad as some people claim. In general, stealth VPNs are designed to make it harder for the authorities to track your […]