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With the internet now playing host to over 3 billion users around the world, and over 50% of those users enjoying nothing more than streaming videos, clips and full length movies – the news that Netflix is now global has excited more than a few virtual private network users. For years now, Netflix has provided those with memberships a great way to stream their favorite programs and shows from the United States, with its limitation only applying to people hoping to gain access from outside of America.

That all changed this week when Netflix became a global client. Now we understand that thousands of people may have already been streaming shows exclusive to Netflix, thanks to the advantages of VPNs, but as the locality restrictions have been removed entirely, it now doesn’t matter where you are – if you use a VPN you’ll be able to log in and enjoy some of the greatest shows and media on the planet, courtesy of our friends over at Netflix. So, what does this change mean exactly?

Getting to the Crux of the Matternetflix

Most top digital networks would have already offered international streaming in one way or another, but as Netflix is a pretty exclusive piece of software, it’s not uncommon to have to use third parties in order to enjoy the benefits. In early January, Netflix broadened its reach to include another 130 countries around the world – countries that can now be accessed via VPN to be able to experience the billion dollar shows that the provider endorses.

So, how can you take advantage of this ground-breaking event? Well, it’s simple really; all that you’ll need is a virtual private network provider, and a subscription to Netflix itself. It’s best to sign up in that order too, especially if you’re in a country that isn’t covered by the brand’s expansive reach. Once you’ve selected your private network, you’ll be able to log in, sign up to Netflix as if you were in the available country, and then enjoy all that the shows have to offer.

What Else are Netflix Planning?

With these 130 new countries on their database, the entertainment channel now provides multimedia to no fewer than 190 countries around the world. There are a few locations that are yet to fall into the expansion (if they will at all), and these include China and North Korea – mainly due to their strict licensing laws and limitation on the type of entertainment facilities that residents have access to.

That doesn’t rule out the use of VPNs in these areas entirely though – although caution is advised as the respective governments are pretty strict as far as breaches in policy are concerned. So, what are the catches for those authorized to view from their regions, or those hoping to login in from somewhere else in the world?


Well, it all comes down to where the servers of your favorite virtual private network are located. If you’re signed up to a basic provider that only maintains one location, then you may find yourself limited as Netflix only makes particular shows available within certain regions. If you’re with an extended provider such as Express VPN, Hide My Ass, or IPVanish, then you’ll be able to flick between locations at the press of a few buttons – opening up an incredible scope of entertainment for your perusal.

Can Netflix Stop This?

In short, the answer is no. As there is no way to actually restrict particular servers without having to undergo extensive investigation beforehand, there is no way for Netflix to start to restrict the accessibility that most private network users get to take advantage of. What’s even greater about this new possibility is that where older programs are shuffled or removed entirely from the Netflix database (pending DVD or Blu-ray release in many instances), a V.P.N makes it possible for users to store their favorite shows online, typically via the cloud, to watch at a later date.

Certain services are better at this than others, such as Vypr that provide premier clients the option of 50GB when they sign up or upgrade. The activity itself isn’t actually illegal as long as the storage is simply used for personal use, and not for re-selling. The same applies to virtual networks in general and as long as the user is accessing the site for their own leisure, then there aren’t many substantial prosecutions associated with the activity.

Netflix Just Went Global – Grab a Brand New VPN

The Best Course of Action

One of the most complicated things for any viewer to stay on top of relates to keeping track of Netflix URLs. Fortunately, many VPNs allow certain shows to be added to a user’s favorites list, and it’s a simple task to do the same on any browser being used.

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