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Choosing the most reliable VPN service isn’t as easy as it used to be – what with so many providers to choose from, and with each of them offering their own unique features. We strive to bring you the latest news and reviews on some of our favorite providers, but just in case you’re in need of a little more clarity before making a decision – take a look at the popular questions that you should be asking before signing on the dotted line.

How anonymous are the features?

Things to Ask Before Signing Up to a VPN Service

In most instances, a private network offers its users complete anonymity. They can do this by allowing you to log in to a particular server from your own location, and from that point onward any activities will function in the same way as if you were to be accessing the web from that server. Some providers are required to conform to particular information policies (typically those in the EU and the UK in specific).

Are all services the same price?

In short, the answer is no. Although providers offer similar services – they do so in their own unique way. With a variety of exclusive features and functions to enjoy, it’s not uncommon for certain providers to increase their prices depending on the quality, or others to lower their costs if their particular package is a little lower in quality than that of their rivals.

Can you use more than one service at any given time?

Although we’ve tested this and it can be done, there’s really no point in doing so. You won’t get double the IP protection – you will just find two bills needing payment instead of one. With that said, it is possible to sign up to two unique services if one offers specific servers, and the other offers differing ones. The benefit of this would allow you to view restricted content that is exclusive to a specific location, and then flick to the next service to watch media from somewhere else.

Can contracts be cancelled at any time?

Yes – all contracts are subject to cancellations should a member ever need to do so. The only catch is that the majority of the top virtual private network services require termination a month in advance. Others are notorious for overlooking cancellations and then continuing with services well into the future – but this is a minimal concern if you opt for a provider like ExpressVPN, OpenVPN or HideMyAss.

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Do loyal customers get rewards for staying with a single service?

Yes; most of the big names offer discounts, bonuses and other exclusive rewards to customers that stay with them for longer periods of time. The most renowned for this is ExpressVPN, and they will provide cheaper monthly packages for customers that are with them for longer than a year. HideMyAss on the other hand offer discount codes that can provide an entire month’s usage for free; once a particular amount of use has been accumulated.

Choosing a service for your needs

If you spend most of your day browsing the web and streaming media, then it makes sense to go for a reliable service with great server up-time and an affordable cost. For lesser use, a cheaper package with limited functionality might be the better option – but it’s all up to you and the types of preferences that you have.

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