Author: Jacqueline

How Long Does Domain DNS Take to Update?

Domain name servers (DNS) are the servers that translate human-readable domain names, such as, into IP addresses. When you type com into your browser, your computer queries the DNS servers for the IP address for . Updating your domain’s DNS can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending […]

How Do I Find My Domain Controller DNS Health?

Domain controllers play an important role in the functioning of a network. They are responsible for storing and providing access to the DNS database, which is used to resolve domain names. DNS health is important for all domain controllers. A domain controller that is not functioning properly can cause problems for users and network administrators. […]

How Do I Add a DNS TXT Record for Domain Verification cPanel?

Adding a DNS TXT record for domain verification is fairly easy on cPanel. To begin, open the DNS settings for your account in cPanel. Then, click on the Add Record button and enter the following information: Name: domain-verification Type: TXT Algorithm: TXT Host: Port: 853 Next, click on the Save Changes button to finish […]