Author: Jacqueline

Can a Domain Have Multiple DNS Servers?

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the computers that act as the gatekeepers for websites. When you type in a website’s name into your web browser, the DNS server on your computer looks up the website’s IP address and sends that information to the DNS server for the website you’re visiting. Domain name servers are different […]

The Mail Domain Is Valid, Has Proper DNS MX Records (, and Is Able to Accept New Email….Is a Suspicious Domain? is a valid domain name and appears to be functioning properly. The domain has proper DNS MX records (pkvw-mx.msg.pkvw., which indicates that it is capable of accepting new email. Therefore, it appears to be a safe domain name to use.

Does Domain Transfer Keep DNS Records?

Domain transfer, also known as domain name relocation, is a process where an organization moves its domain name registration from one domain name registration company to another. The domain name registration company that the organization registers its domain name with is typically the same company that provides DNS services. The assumption is that domain name […]