What Causes a DNS Server to Not Respond?

A DNS server is a computer that translates domain names, such as “example.com”, into IP addresses. When you type in “www. example.com” into your web browser, the DNS server on your computer looks up the domain name and returns the corresponding IP address. If the DNS server is not working properly, it may not be […]

What Are the Two Types of DNS Server?

There are two types of DNS servers: forwarders and resolvers. A forwarder is a DNS server that acts as a middleman and transfers requests from clients to the correct DNS servers. A resolver, on the other hand, is responsible for resolving domain names and providing IP addresses. . Both forwarders and resolvers have their own […]

What Are the Differences Between a DHCP Server and a DNS Server Give at Least Five?

A DHCP server leases IP addresses and other configuration information to clients on behalf of a network administrator. A DNS server provides authoritative responses to name queries from clients. DHCP servers are often used in larger networks, while DNS servers are more commonly used in smaller networks. DHCP servers are less common than DNS servers, […]

What Are the Hikvision Preferred DNS Server?

The Hikvision Preferred DNS Server is a set of authoritative DNS servers that Hikvision has determined are the most reliable and appropriate for providing Hikvision customers with DNS service. The Preferred DNS Server set includes the following DNS servers: 1. ns2.hikvision.com 2. ns3. hikvision.com 3. ns1.com. Hikvision has determined that these three DNS servers are […]