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ExpressVPNIf a reliable virtual private network is your top priority, then we’d definitely recommend taking a look at ExpressVPN. We had a blast getting to know the unique features and functions, and once we got to grips with the simplistic interface, everything else fell into place. Security is never an issue, nor are delays and interruptions in servers. Let’s get to know a little bit more about this global private network, including the barriers that we faced (just a heads up, they were minimal), as well as the positive elements.

Starting with Support

We didn’t want to go any further without mentioning the sheer expansiveness, intellect and pleasantness of Express VPN’s support team. For a start, the team are available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes it easy for users around to world to get help, and as the team are all native English speakers – there are never any confusing episodes to have to prepare yourself for.

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If you’re keen to keep your chats private, then you may want to call the provider directly. Otherwise there’s the consistent option to chat to their team online. They’ll keep track of these chats to ‘improve their customer service’, but that isn’t an issue in our eyes simply because the team are already pretty great at what they do – so getting better is an added bonus.

 ExpressVPN Review - The Pros and Cons

Signing Up to the Service

The signup process is fairly standard and functions in much the same way as many other digital network providers online. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be welcomed with a friendly email, provided with a link to verify, and the rest is plain sailing. If you haven’t already downloaded the service then you’ll be prompted to do so, and you’ll then be taken through the basic wizard to allow installation to take place.

Price Packages and Benefits

Although not the cheapest on the market (roughly 25% more expensive than other leading providers), ExpressVPN more than make up for this price difference in their features. There are three packages to choose from, the single month, the six month and the full year – with the latter being the most beneficial financially.

One of the nicest additions that we noticed relates to the method in which users can pay. Direct debit or PayPal are the standard options, but the provider have gone the extra mile by allowing other localized systems to be used instead (including Giropay, PaySafeCard and WebMoney to name just a few).

Price Packages and Benefits

The service do favor their long term clients, and those that opt for the 12 month plan will see a lovely looking discount at the end of the year, in preparation for the next 12 months ahead. That doesn’t alienate temporary uses however, as Express VPN also offer a completely free 30 day money back guarantee, with a no-quibble promise. How’s that for service?

Features and Servers

As with most other providers, Express offer their users the choice to flick between no fewer than three varying security protocols. This makes browsing in anonymity an easy task to achieve. The services’ protocols extend to just under 80 countries in total, and there’s also the option to set up an account on multiple devices; making it easy to stream from one country in the living room, and another country elsewhere in your home or office.

Security Levels and Privacy Policies

Thanks to their 256bit encryption and the utilization of the OpenVPN protocol, there isn’t a single concern in the world over being monitored. Regardless of whether you’re viewing military grade media, or simply browsing the web – there’s never a risk of data being harvested, so your information will be safe at all times. So much so in fact that even the provider aren’t able to access your IP logs.

Security Levels and Privacy Policies

Being pretty privacy-oriented has its advantages as far as streaming international media goes too; the provider make it very easy to flick between IP address within certain countries in order to watch otherwise restricted programs. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the added bonus of being able to sign up under any name you prefer, with the only identifying information relating to your email address.

In Summary

If you’re looking for the cheapest virtual network service online you’re probably better off looking towards other alternatives. If you cherish your privacy like a mother cherishes her newborn baby however, then ExpressVPN is possibility the most beneficial service on the planet. We haven’t come across any other services that rival this level of privacy (IPVanish does come close – but do require information during sign up).

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For a well-rounded service that boasts reliable services, moderately affordable price plans and an assortment of unique features to enhance simplicity, this provider may be your salvation.

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