DNS servers help computers locate Domain Name System (DNS) records, which are the addresses of websites and other systems on the Internet. When you type in a website’s domain name, your computer queries a DNS server for the corresponding IP address.

If the DNS server doesn’t have the record for the IP address you’re looking for, it can ask a secondary DNS server.

DNS servers are usually maintained by your ISP or by a third-party service such as Google. If you can’t locate your DNS server, you can try the following steps:

1. Type “nslookup” into your computer’s search bar.

2. Type in the domain name of the website you’re trying to locate.

3. Press Enter.

4. Type in the IP address of the website.


6. If the website appears in the results, your DNS server is working.

If not, your DNS server may be down or your computer may not be connected to the Internet. In that case, you can try contacting your ISP or the third-party service that maintains your DNS server.