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SaferVPN simplifies the process of choosing a VPN plan by essentially only offering one, just with varying price levels depending on the length of the contract selected. However, within that single plan design comes numerous features that are definitely worth considering. And, with a free VPN trial and 14-day money back guarantee for paid services, SaferVPN makes it easy to take their service for a test run before you fully commit.SaferVPN Review

Worldwide VPN Servers with SaferVPN

A major selling point for VPN providers is often their server complement and locations. SaferVPN actually boasts over 400 servers located in more than 30 countries spread across the globe. In fact, every continent except for Antarctica has at least a few servers to choose from, making SaferVPN a competitive solution for those looking to use VPN as a method for managing geolocation-based features and restrictions.

Additionally, users can switch between servers as often as they like, so you can adjust your server choice to meet your needs for any activity you can imagine regardless of when you last made a server switch. Further, all servers are managed in-house by SaferVPN, alleviating any concerns related to third-party servers employed by some other VPN solutions.

Full-Featured VPN Solution

Even the single month plan through SaferVPN provides full access to their extensive list of features. Aside from the wide array of available servers, users can enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth on a range of devices, including a free unlimited Chrome extension. That means users on any plan never have to monitor their usage to ensure they won’t exceed a set limit.

Further, SaferVPN provides security when spending time online through public Wi-Fi with its included 256-bit encryption. This means even activities run through unsecured connections are actually secure as long as the VPN service is operating.Worldwide VPN Servers with SaferVPN

Paid users can also maintain up to five simultaneous connections, allowing most individuals to keep all of their devices secured at the same time.

Business Options are Available

SaferVPN offers solutions specifically designed for businesses of various sizes. This can help companies secure data when employees are traveling based on the included 256-bit encryption and other security protocols while also avoiding connection issues related to geolocation-based restrictions in place in certain countries.

Additionally, the ability to connect to servers across the world allows businesses to perform quality assurance on international website connections. That means you can see exactly what your foreign customers see by choosing a server that best represents their location.

24/7 Support

SaferVPN offers users support 24/7 through either live chat or email. This means that help is simply a few clicks away regardless of when you run into trouble or simply need an answer to a pressing question.

For those using business accounts, a priority support contact method is provided as well as access to dedicated account managers. This helps ensure that companies can get the unique support they need quickly so that they can continue operations with as little disruption as possible.

Privacy StandardsSaferVPN no logging

SaferVPN does not log or monitor the activity of its users. This means your activities are kept private even from the company itself. Additionally, users can pay for the service through BitCoin. This means your bank account or credit card does not have to be associated with your account if you choose to purchase the service.

The Bottom Line

SaferVPN is a strong contender within the larger VPN market. It boasts a comprehensive feature set and competitive pricing, making it suitable for many VPN users’ needs. In the end, it is definitely worth considering.

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