Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and it’s also widely known for its strict policies against using VPNs. In a nutshell, Netflix doesn’t want its users to spoof their location in order to gain access to content that’s not available to them in their actual geographical location.

Netflix has explicitly stated that using a VPN to bypass its geo-blocking is a violation of its terms of service, and it may result in the suspension of your account. This is because Netflix relies on accurate location data to determine which countries and territories are eligible for its streaming services.

While Netflix is definitely not the only streaming service that restricts VPN use, it’s one of the most adamant about it. This is likely because Netflix knows that many of its users rely on VPNs to access content that’s not available in their region.

If Netflix can’t verify that you’re actually in the country or territory that you’re claiming to be in, then it may be less likely to let you watch the content that you’re looking for.