Netflix is a popular streaming service with a vast library of TV and movie titles. However, if your Netflix is experiencing slow loading times or is consistently buffering, it might be because you are using a VPN.

VPNs encrypt your traffic and mask your location, making it appear as if you are located in a different country. This can slow down your Netflix experience because Netflix relies on your computer to identify your location and then deliver the appropriate content.

By using a VPN, you are effectively bypassing Netflix’s ability to do this.

In some cases, a VPN can also impact your overall internet speeds. By encrypting your data, a VPN can slow down your internet connection.

This can cause Netflix to load more slowly or even experience buffering.

Ultimately, using a VPN can impact your Netflix experience in a number of ways. If you are experiencing slow loading times or buffering, it might be best to try disabling your VPN before trying to resolve the issue.

Alternatively, you can try using a different VPN with Netflix that is known to work better with the service. If that doesn’t work, then it might be time to consider switching to a different streaming service.