Jay Thomas, Founder, VPNServicePoint

My name is Jay Thomas.

Before I started VPNServicePoint I was naive.

I used to go to my local coffee shop to browse the internet and even shop online.

Then one day my identity was stolen and I learned a life lesson that I’ll never forget.

I didn’t realize that open networks were so easy to hack, or that there was a simple solution that I could employ to continue enjoying lattes and free internet.

Then I discovered VPNs.

Now I don’t browse the internet without one and I constantly implore my friends to do the same.

But that wasn’t enough.

I want to help spread the word about the importance of VPNs to the entire world.

That’s why I created this site.

Using my website I have already helped thousands of users stay protected online and I won’t stop until everyone can access the internet securely and freely.

I am always happy to speak with readers and you can contact me directly at:
info [@] vpnservicepoint [dot] com.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and I will be in touch right away.

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