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@theTunnelBear is a Canadian company that provides users with VPN and VPN related services. It focuses on providing a high-quality experience to users with limited technical knowledge, while also supplying some advanced features for individuals with more knowhow.


Unlike other VPNs, TunnelBear is a fun bit of software with a great user experience that does away with the stale and charmless style of other VPN solutions. Everything from the brown bear mascot to the accepted payment forms (jars of honey are listed along with Visa and MasterCard) is cleverly thought out and set the tone for the brand.

Protection Capabilities

TunnelBear aims to ensure your online activities are as private as possible. For example, Vigilante Mode ensures that unsecured traffic is blocked in case of an unexpected connection disruption. The VPN service can also be set to an “always on” state for those who want to protect all of their activities without having to log in every time they start a session.TunnelBear Review

For those who need VPN, but have no specific location needs in regards to server choice, the closest tunnel option ensures you get the basic security you need without having to select a server during setup. However, those using paid versions of TunnelBear can access servers in over 20 countries.

Some other features include AES 256-bit encryption, the ability to connect up to five devices, and clients available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It even offers plugins for Chrome and Opera. Additionally, the Ghost Bear service can help defeat any VPN blocking services, ensuring your activities are private under almost any circumstance.

The company is extremely careful and respectful of privacy. Disclosures regarding how your information is and is not used are clear and concise. Additionally, TunnelBear does not log user activity, guaranteeing that the service keeps no record of what you choose to do while using the service.

It is important to remember that not all features are available on the free plan, so you may need a paid option to access certain settings.

Pricing Options

The free version of the TunnelBear service, Little, offers users up to 500 MB of data per month and the option to use specific servers. For individuals looking for occasional protection, such as when using public Wi-Fi, Little may be enough.

For a more robust plan, TunnelBear offers two paid options. Both the $9.99/month Giant and $4.17/month Grizzly package offer the same services, but differ in payment structure. While Grizzly represents a significant discount from Giant, Grizzly users are forced to pay for a year upfront while Giant users are billed month-to-month.

Using the Service

Setting up TunnelBear is a breeze. After a few clicks through the install process, the storage-light application is ready to use. Styled to resemble a vintage wooden radio, TunnelBear’s focus on user experience really shines through. With few buttons and even a simple On/Off switch, the app is incredibly streamlined and easy to use.tunnelbear-vpn-review-user-interface

TunnelBear connects to the closest server by default, but users can select their own server using a simple pull down list. Extra privacy options can be found by clicking the Privacy button and a settings button on the foot on the application. TunnelBear makes it easy to change and play with different settings. Using the service could not be more straightforward.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, TunnelBear offerings are some of the strongest on the VPN market. The privacy policy is clearly on the side of the user, and the additional features cover most service needs. We highly recommend the service for your consideration.

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