Netflix has recently changed their policy on how Surfshark is used. Previously, Surfshark allowed users to watch Netflix content without any commercials. However, starting on January 12th, 2017, Netflix will start to require Surfshark to be turned off in order to watch their content.

This change was made due to concerns over copyright infringement. Surfshark has not released a statement about this policy change.

It is unknown if Surfshark will be able to continue working with Netflix after January 12th, 2017. If Surfshark is unable to comply with Netflix’s new policy, it may lose its ability to stream their content.

It is possible that Surfshark may create a new policy that allows for Surfshark to be used while watching Netflix, but without any commercials. It is unclear if this will be possible, or if Surfshark will be able to find a new streaming partner.