Avast, one of the most popular antivirus software programs, is known for its aggressive scanning and notification of potential threats. However, some users have reported that their emails have been flagged as containing malware, even though they have never opened any of the infected attachments.

Many users believe that this is due to the aggressive scanning capabilities of Avast, which can detect malicious code even if it is not attached to an email. The program then sends you a notification to let you know that you may be infected and to provide instructions on how to remove the malware.

However, some users have questioned the accuracy of these notifications, arguing that they have never received any malicious emails that were actually infected. It is possible that the program is simply detecting known malicious code patterns, even if the code is not actually attached to an email.

In conclusion, it is still unclear why Avast is flagging some emails as containing malware. However, users who experience this issue should be aware that their emails may not actually be infected and should follow the instructions provided in the notification.